Wedding Handkerchiefs for the Cry Babies in your Family

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A wedding is a celebration of love. It is therefore a time for merriment and festivities! But wait, why are half the people in your ceremony shedding a tear or two? Truly, weddings are such a joyous event that most people cannot contain their over joy. Happiness taken into an extreme level can come in the form of tears. Because of this, wedding handkerchiefs can be the perfect gift for your family (especially the crybabies!) during the wedding day. Here are some terrific tips about this kind of wedding gift.

Factors to Consider

Color of the Handkerchief. Most brides go for either white or ivory. The choice depends ultimately on you. You can choose something that would complement the color of your wedding gown or you pick a non-traditional shade like red, orange, pink, or green.

Fiber content. Make sure that the hanky you buy is 100% cotton, otherwise it would look stiff and cheap. This may be a little more expensive but it can truly be worth it.

Handkerchief Size. Size of hankies for the women is usually 10 x 10 to 12 x 12 inches. Hankies for men are larger. The size usually is 14 x 14 to 16 x 16 inches.

Trim and Design. Men’s handkerchiefs are basically plain or have simple patterned design. For the women, the trim and design may be more elaborate. A woman’s hanky can have an embroidered design in one or more corners. It can also be adorned with a lace design on the edge.

Personalized Embroidery. Another type of design you can put into the handkerchief is personalized embroidery like first name, single initial, two- or three-letter monogram, bride’s names and wedding date, or a special personal message.

Packaging – For less formal occasions, a hanky placed inside a beautiful pouch would be all right. But if your wedding is formal, a handkerchief gift box would be more appropriate.

Buying Wedding Hankies Online

Searching the internet may be your best option for buying wedding handkerchiefs especially your schedule is also very tight. Just type in the words, “wedding handkerchief” on the search engine and you will find many websites that sell this kind of product. When buying wedding handkerchiefs online, be sure to look for the following things:

Padlock symbol – indicates that the site is secure

Https – found before the web address, indicates the same thing as the padlock

Contact us – this would give you the address and contact information of the site. This is very important because you have to know where the product will be coming from. Remember that shipping can be expensive.

Terms and Conditions – you have to know and understand the store’s terms and conditions to avoid having problems during transaction.

Security certificate – click on file, then properties, and then pick the certificates tab. Here, you will see who the certificate is issued to and the duration of its validity.

During weddings, there are so many people crying that you would think they might flood the church (or ceremony venue) with their tears. Wedding handkerchiefs can therefore be the perfect wedding memento to give to guests especially to your family.

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