Styling Tips for a Winter Wedding


Is winter your favorite season? Maybe you have other special events that occur during the winter time in addition to it being a holiday season. For this reason many people want to have a winter wedding. If you are leaning towards this idea but want styling tips, you have come to the right place.

Sit back and think about a bitter and cold day that you stayed home. Think of the feelings and mood that surrounded you. Imagine sitting by a warm, roaring fire while wrapped up in a cozy wool blanket. Perhaps you are reading your favorite book and drinking your favorite cup of tea. As you look outside, you see a blizzard but are so happy to be warm and safe inside the comfort of your home. Use these feelings and ideas that you experience as you dream up a winter style wedding.

It’s necessary to decide if you want the holidays to be included or not. To have a style with the season doesn’t mean that you need to include the holiday festivities. Start with finding an appropriate venue by considering an inn with fireplaces or a private club in the area. These locations will give a cozy and warm feel to the occasion. The style you are looking for will be accomplished just by the location.

A bride always worries about her gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses. This is one of the most important things to her as she considers her wedding style. The colors and the gown have to be perfect. Choose deep colors such as deep purple or burgundy that stand out against the winter backdrop. If you are leaning towards a winter style wedding that incorporates holiday colors, then deep reds and greens could be among the favorite color choices. Although the weather may be a bit chilly, if you accent each dress with a beautiful red shawl or a fur wrap, the contrast of on a white gown is stunning.

Flowers are a always large part of the ceremony and reception decorations. The entire wedding party and the way the venue is decorated will also help you to reach your goal of portraying a winter style wedding. The color scheme of the flowers and the type of flowers add to the ambiance and set the mood.

Therefore, find some flowers in a color that accents the main color scheme. For instance, if you are having deep purple or even deep reds, consider using silver or white flowers. Maybe the opposite is true and you want to use the reds and the greens as the flowers and then silver and white for the rest of the occasion.

Accenting with tiny crystals will give a little sparkle to the decorations. It will also remind your guests think of snowflakes as they glisten when falling from the sky. Wearing diamond like jewelry also will give this illusion. Although these may seem like small ideas, they will definitely make your guests gasp in awe as they see the beauty of this winter wonderland.

Commemorate the most important day of your life with a celebration drink. As guests enter your reception or as guests settle down for the evening, offer a drink that makes them feel secure, warm and cozy on a cold winter night. Drinks such as a warm mocha, kahlua drink or eggnog give the feeling of winter and will add to the style of the day. With all these special touches, you will give the illusion of a quiet winter night. The fantasy will come true.

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